Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Liese is now two years old. That makes me think of all the things that have changed during these last two years and things we have learned.
As parents we have developed a lot of new fears. And I am not talking about the common "I am not allowed to die" anxieties or any other huge fears.
One of my worst everyday fears is that the condensation water from the lid of the diaper pail could touch my hand while I throw in used diapers. I didn't even know that there was condensation water in diaper pails and I so wish there wasn't any.


  1. åh synd att du hann slänga den!
    du får gärna uppmärksamma andra detaljer som man inte vet om föräldraskapet, å andra sidan är det väl individuellt!

  2. Oh, das kann ich so gut nachvollziehen! Dieses Wasser überrascht mich auch immer wieder.

  3. haha! its so true. I grew a lot of new fears too with the arrival of my daughter...

  4. Ni är den finaste lilla familj jag vet! och jag älskar dina post-it. keep it up, både med familjen och med bloggen:)